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Finally finding help 30 years after being the victim of child abuse





To start off I am a successful college educated manager in a large delivery company,  beautiful wife and 2 wonderful children, live in a Great neighborhood and community.  I also was an excellent athlete, tall and gifted Throughout high school which landed me a college athletic scholarship, went on to have a very rewarding 4 year collegiate career where I set several school records in my sport.   Never had a problem getting dates and eventually met and married wife soon after college. Would seem like a perfect life but the reason I tell you all those positive things in my life Is there was a secret I kept to myself and only my parents and my wife knew about.  I actually struggled daily with all sorts of social interactions and  With anxiety and worry about so many things that for the last 30 years I finally got tired of feeling Like a hamster on a wheel always reacting to people and situations that I virtually had created feelings in my head that should not be there.  I finally sought help and faced the fact I was the victim of child molestation When I was at camp as a kid, over the years all the little weird things I would do Or how I would act in certain situations began to make me think why am I wound up so tight and so hard and negative on myself?  This blog I will use each day to share my journey of hopefully going from victim to victor.



Find a Way!

Phillipians 4:13


13 I can do all things through Christ[a] who strengthens me.


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